Lauren Mushro

Lauren Mushro is a fourth year student at Boston College studying Hispanic Studies and Political Science. Her main research interests include 19th and 20th Century Spanish Politics, Gender Studies, and Political Theory. Her senior thesis focuses on Carmen de Burgos, Emilia Pardo Bazán, and narrative gender performance through the use of pseudonyms. In the future, Lauren aims to attend graduate school and receive her PhD.

Esther Gimeno Ugalde

Esther Gimeno Ugalde currently works as an Interim Professor (Vertretungsprofessorin) of Iberian Studies at the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany, and is a member of the research group DIIA (Diálogos Ibéricos e Iberoamericanos) at the University of Lisbon (Centro de Estudos Comparatistas). Between 2013 and 2018, Gimeno Ugalde was an Assistant Professor of Practice at Boston College, and held a previous appointment as the Max Kade post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University.

Her research in the field of Iberian Studies focuses on language choice and multilingualism in cinema and literature, exploring questions related to language and identity. Gimeno Ugalde’s current project studies literary self-translation in the Iberian Peninsula, an undertaking at the head of her new line of research within group DIAA, IberTRANSLATIO – Iberian Studies and Translation Spaces. Dr. Gimeno Ugalde is also interested in the origins and development of Iberian Studies as a discipline. Together with Santiago Pérez Isasi, she is the co-editor of the International Journal of Iberian Studies (IJIS) and co-leads the project IStReS (Iberian Studies Reference Site).

Esther Gimeno Ugalde has contributed to the field of Iberian Studies with books such as La identidad nacional catalana. Ideologías lingüísticas entre 1833 y 1932 (single author, Iberoamericana, 2010) and Catalunya/Catalunha. Relacions literàries i culturals entre Catalunya i Portugal (co-editor, Humus/Onada, 2013). Other publications specializing in this area include, “A utopia ibérica n’A Jangada de Pedra (do romance ao roadmovie)” (2011),  “Polyglot Iberia – or What Is the Place for Iberian Languages in Current Cinema? Presence (and Absence) of Iberian Languages in Cinema” (2013), “La encrucijada bilingüe en la literatura: Reflexiones sociolingüísticas y literarias en torno a L’últim home que parlava català de Carles Casajuana” (2013), or “The Iberian Turn: an overview on Iberian Studies in the United States” (2017).

Santiago Pérez Isasi

Santiago Pérez Isasi is a Researcher at the Center for Comparative Studies at the University of Lisbon “Nationalism and Literary Regenerations in the Iberian Peninsula 1868-1936;” he is also the PI of the project “Digital Map of Iberian Literary Relations (1868-1936),” funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). He is the co-editor of Looking at Iberia. A Comparative European Perspective. Moreover, Santiago has published several articles and book chapters on Iberian literary relations, as well as on the theoretical and methodological foundations of Iberian Studies as a field.