Areas of interest: Iberian Studies – Galician Studies – Portuguese Studies – Cultural Studies.

Teresa Pinheiro is a Professor for Iberian Studies at the Institute for European Studies of Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany. She graduated from the Universität zu Köln and the Universidade de Lisboa with degrees in German and Portuguese Studies and received her Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology at the Universität Paderborn, Germany in 2002. Her research fields include emigration, representations of collective identity, and the politics of memory in the Iberian Peninsula. She is Reviews Editor of the International Journal of Iberian Studies and is currently working in a digital project on the Second Spanish Republic.

Recent publications in the field of Iberian Studies include “Iberian and European Studies – Archaeology of a New Epistemological Field” (2013), “Introduction. Mass Media and the Configuration of Memory in Contemporary Spain and Portugal” (with Esther Gimeno Ugalde, 2014), and “Memoria de la República en las transiciones democráticas ibéricas” (2015), among others. She is also co-editor of the volume Peripheral Identities: Iberia and Eastern Europe Between the Dictatorial Past and the European Present (2011).

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Teresa Pinheiro’s publications in the IStReS database:

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