This database compiles academic publications that encompass any aspect of the Iberian literary and cultural system in any historical moment, written in any language in any geographical or academic context. These publications must fulfill the following criteria to be included in the database:

  • Must be published from 2000 onwards;
  • Must deal with Iberian literatures and cultures; Ibero-American or Lusophone studies are not considered at this stage of the process;
  • Must be comparative in nature: at least two geocultural Iberian spaces (or the Iberian geocultural space as a whole) must be considered;
  • Must belong to any field of literary and cultural studies (other fields such as linguistics, sociology, history, political science, etc. are not included at this state of the project).

Tthe database currently contains 2085 bibliographic references. Some statistical information about the content of the database may be found here.

How to search the database:

You can search the database using the following options:

  • Free text search: type the text you would like to find and press “Search”. You can choose the type of document (book, book section, etc.) you would like to view.
  • Author search: type the name of the author and press “Search”; search results will include works written AND edited by that author.
  • Tag search: start typing in the tag search box; you will receive a suggestion of the tags included in the database that correspond to your search. Click on any tag to find the documents that include that tag. This field is case sensitive.

In any of the three cases, you may also choose the format in which you obtain the results:

  • Table format: results will show up as a table that includes the document type, author, title and date; to access the complete bibliographical information, press the “+ info” button on the right column.
  • Bibliographical format: you may choose to receive the results as a bibliography in APA, MLA or Chicago (author-date) format.


How to contribute:

If you would like to suggest new references for the database, if you have found an error or if you have any questions or comments regarding the database or the search interface, please email us at istres@letras.ulisboa.pt or use the contact form on this website.


How to reference:

Gimeno Ugalde, Esther & Pérez Isasi, Santiago (coords.): IStReS – Iberian Studies Reference Site. Lisboa: Universidade de Lisboa, 2017 <http://istres.letras.ulisboa.pt>


License of use:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.