Helena Buffery

Areas of interest: Catalan Studies – Hispanic Studies – Theatre Studies – Translation Studies.

Helena Buffery is currently Vice-Head of College (Research) and Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at University College of Cork, Ireland, having previously worked at the University of Birmingham. Her research and teaching interests include Hispanic theater and performance, translation studies, and Catalan studies. In the past she was the Vice-President of the International Federation of Catalan Associations and the President of the Anglo-Catalan Society.

Among her many contributions to the field of Iberian Studies are “The Rat Trap?: The Politics of Translating Iberia” (2007), “Negotiating the translation zone: Invisible borders and other landscapes on the contemporary heteroglossic state” (2013), “Iberian Identity in the Translation Zone” (2013), and the co-editon of Reading Iberia: Theory/History/Identity (2007). She is also co-editor of Barcelona: Visual Culture, Space and Power (2012).

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Helena Buffery’s publications in the IStReS database:

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