Luisa-Elena Delgado

Areas of interest: Critical Theory – Gender Studies – Spanish Studies – Catalan Studies – Basque Studies – Democracy and citizenship

Luisa-Elena Delgado is a Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Critical Theory and Gender Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prof. Delgado’s research focuses on the formation of Spanish national identity in the contemporary democratic period; an interest developed, for instance in her monograph La nación singular:  Fantasías de la normalidad democrática española (1996-2011) (2014). Her latest research explores emotions and affect in culture, and she recently edited the collection Engaging the Emotions in Spanish Culture and History (from the Eighteenth Century to the Present) (2016) alongside Pura Fernández and Jo Labanyi. A Spanish translation and update of that book (La cultura de las emociones) has been published by Cátedra (Madrid) in 2018.

Prof. Delgado has also written extensively on Spanish and Iberian identities: “Settled in Normal: Narratives of a Prozaic (Spanish) Nation” (2003) or “The Astigmatic Vision and the Perception of Minority Literatures” (2009). She has contributed to the theoretical debates on Iberian Studies in “‘If We Build It, Will They Come?’ Iberian Studies as a Field of Dreams” (2013). Luisa-Elena Delgado has also engaged with critical debates on nationalisms and questions on democratic citizenship, with particular focus on the situation of Catalonia in contemporary Spain (“Nacionalistas, populistas, feministas y los excesos de la democracia”, 2018).

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Luisa-Elena Delgado’s publications in the IStReS database:

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