Kirsty Hooper

Areas of Study: Galician Studies – Hispanic Studies – Cultural Studies

Kirsty Hooper is the Head of the Hispanic Studies Department at the University of Warwick, England. Prior to working at the University of Warwick, Hooper taught at the University of Liverpool for eight years. Her research mainly focuses on Spanish, Anglo-Spanish, and Galician cultural history since 1800, and the use of digital technologies for humanities research.

Professor Hooper’s extensive contributions to the field of Iberian Studies include “Néveda en contexto: muller e libro rexional na España finisecular” (2007), “Sofía Casanova e o apagamento da muller intelectual no século XX español” (2010), “Revisitando as ‘novas cartografías’ da cultura galega: lectura posnacionais, lecturas relacionais” (2012), and the co-edition of Reading Iberia: Theory/History/Identity (2007) and Contemporary Galician Cultural Studies: Between the Local and the Global (2011). She is also the author of Writing Galicia into the World: New Cartographies, New Poetics (2011) and Mondariz-Vigo-Santiago: A Brief History of Galicia’s Edwardian Tourist Boom (2013).

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Kirsty Hooper’s publications in the IStReS database:

Buffery, Helena, Stuart Davis, and Kirsty Hooper, eds. 2007. Reading Iberia: Theory/History/Identity. Oxford / New York: Peter Lang.

Hooper, Kirsty. 2007. ‘New Cartographies in Galician Studies: From Literary Nationalism to Postnational Readings’. In Reading Iberia: Theory/History/Identity, edited by Helena Buffery, Stuart Davis, and Kirsty Hooper, 123–39. Oxford / New York: Peter Lang.

———. 2012. ‘Unha nova volta ás cartografías da cultura galega: lecturas posnacionais, lecturas relacionais’. Galicia 21. Journal of Contemporary Galician Studies, no. D: 44–56.