Mario Santana

Areas of interest: Catalan Studies – Hispanic Studies – Cultural Studies – Film Studies

Mario Santana is an Associate Professor of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies at the University of Chicago, USA, where he is the faculty coordinator for the Catalan Studies Program.  He received his PhD in Spanish Literature from Columbia University. In the past he has been visiting professor at Harvard University and CUNY.

His teaching and research focus on contempory Iberian literatures, with an emphasis on narrative, translation, and visual culture. Author of Foreigners in the Homeland: The Spanish American New Novel in Spain (2000), his most recent publications include essays on media and memory in Catalan and Spanish television, the institutionalization of Iberian Studies in the US, translation and Iberian interliterary relations, and the fiction of Jaume Cabré. Her recently coordinated an issue devoted to translation and Iberian literatures in Pasavento: revista de estudios hispánicos (2016). He is a member of the MLA Executive Committee on 20th- and 21st-Century Spanish and Iberian Forum (2014-2019), and the current president of the North American Catalan Society (NACS).

Relevant publications in the field of Iberian Studies include: “National Literatures and Interliterary Communities in Spain and Catalonia” (2000), “Mapping National Literatures” (2005), “El hispanismo en los Estados Unidos y la «España plural»” (2008), “Implementing Iberian Studies: Some Paradigmatic and Curricular Challenges” (2013), “Translation and Literatures in Spain, 2003-2012” (2015).

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Mario Santana’s publications in the IStReS database:

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