On 5-7 September 2018, the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies (ACIS) will hold its 40th Anniversary Conference, organized jointly by the GREL (àrea de Ciència Política, Facultat de Dret de la Universitat de Barcelona), the University of Chester (UK), and the Humboldt State University (USA), at the Universitat de Barcelona.

The deadline to submit individual papers or propose panels on specific themes (max. four papers per panel) has been extended until June 18th, 2018. Relevant proposals should be sent to the Organizational Committee at acisbarcelona2018@gmail.com. All papers must seek to advance an understanding of contemporary socio-cultural, economic and political issues and realities in Spain and/or Portugal, or transnational issues and processes relating to the Iberian Peninsula within the wider Lusophone and Hispanic worlds.

Below are some of the suggested thematic areas for papers and panels:

  • Politics, government, and international relations, especially as they pertain to the EU
  • Nationalism, regionalisms, and transnational issues and processes
  • Economics, business, labor, social and welfare issues
  • Cultural production in all its forms (e.g. film, television, journalism, literature, media, advertising, digital communication & social networking)
  • Social and cultural studies (e.g. identity, gender, ethnicity)
  • Leisure, tourism, sport
  • Contemporary history
  • Language, linguistics, and language policies
  • Educational and pedagogical strategies and approaches

For more information, please consult the ACIS website.