The University of Seville organizes this symposium, which will take place on January 22-24 2020. Its objective is to study the trends and fluctuations in the exchanges between Portuguese and Spanish poets between the 15th and the 18th century, in relation with their political, historical and linguistic context.

Thematic lines of this conference (always within the indicated chronological frame) include, among others:

– Portuguese poets in Spanish cancioneros and viceversa.
– Bilingual poets, or poets from one country who wrote in the language of the other.
– Mutual influences in the deveopment of certain poetic forms, literary trends and genres.
– Reception of Spanihs poets in Portugal and viceversa.
– Translations between both languages and literatures.
– Publications of Spanish poets in Portugal and viceversa.
– Miscelanea and bilingual manuscripts.
– Etc.

Proposals should be sent to: (indicating name, surnames, affiliation, 5-line CV, email, thematic line of the proposal and a 500 word abstract).

Deadline for proposals: October 10th 2019

More information here.