Dolors Poch and Jordi Julià (eds.). València: Universitat de València

Escribir con dos voces [‘Writing with two voices’] offers insights on how language choice influences the production of Iberian bilingual writers, particularly in diglossic situations. This volume aims to contribute to a better understanding of the tension between different linguistic and literary traditions in order to construct a useful model to deepen the comparative study of Iberian cultures. In summary, Escribir con dos voces seeks to shed light on writing processes in Iberian contexts.

This book, coordinated by Dolors Poch and Jordi Julià, includes contributions by authors such as Rexina Rodríguez Vega, Maria do Cebreiro Rábade Villar, Cristina Martínez Tejero, Jon Kortazar, Pere Ballart, Xosé Bolado and Margarida Freixas, among others.

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