After launching at the ACIS Conference (Norwich, University of East Anglia, 4-6 September 2017), the IStReS project will also be presented at the conference of the Society for Hispanic Digital Humanities (Sociedad Internacional Humanidades Digitales Hispánicas), which will take place in Málaga from October 18th to October 20th 2017.

The HDH Association gathers scholars from many different scientific areas (Philology, Art, History, Geography, etc.) who use digital tools as a means of research and dissemination of knowledge. This conference will include more than two hundred participants from several European and Latin-American countries, as well as plenary sessions by Laura Borrás, Ángela Pérez Mejías and Juan Luis Suárez.

The IStReS project presentation will be included in a panel on Iberian Studies and Digital Humanities, along with the presentation of the project “Digital Map of Iberian Literary Relations (1870-1930)”.