The IStReS team (Iberian Studies Reference Site) is proud to announce that, thanks to a redesign of the Zotero web interface, our bibliographic library is now available in a user-friendly, searchable and even exportable format.

The IStReS library currently collects and systematizes a comprehensive, relational bibliography of over 2,100 titles published in the last two decades in multiple languages —including all Iberian languages— that deal with the polycentric relationships between the different cultures and literatures of the Peninsula throughout history.

Thanks to the new Zotero online version, users can:

  • browse over 2,100 references;
  • download full text, when available;
  • display references alphabetically, by date of publication or by author, among many other options;
  • obtain full details of any individual item;
  • search for authors, titles or keywords (using the top search bar or the tags menu at the bottom left);
  • or even export citations or bibliographies in a wide range of formats including APA, Chicago or MLA.

The IStReS bibliographic library is available here.

We are happy to help explain the potential uses of Zotero for researchers! We hope that this new interface will help make IStReS even more useful for scholars working in the field of Iberian Comparative Studies.

For queries please contact us at