2022 has been a very productive year for IStReS (Iberian Studies Reference Site). Over the past months, our database has been growing with new bibliographic references (the current number of entries is 2,445) and we have also updated our website. Along with a new web design, we have made changes that will make accessing the IStReS database much easier: it is now possible to search our database using our integrated tool, or directly in our open Zotero library

We are also updating our subscription system, which now will be delivered by Mailchimp. If you would like to be up to date with news about IStReS and about the field of Iberian Studies, please subscribe through the menu that appears at the bottom of every page in the IStReS website. You will receive announcements about upcoming events and recent publications relevant to the field of Iberian Studies (e.g. Call for Papers, recent publications, conferences, symposia).

You can also follow us at our new Twitter account: http://twitter.com/projectIStReS

We are also happy to welcome a new research collaborator: Miriam de Sousa, doctoral student at the Center for Comparative Studies, who has recently joined our team.

Very best wishes and Happy New Year,

IStReS team