Wednesday 23 June, 7 PM CET (6 PM UK/Portugal time)

Pleibéricos marks its first anniversary with a special, multilingual event that will showcase 5 new books in Iberian Studies in conversation with their authors. Exceptionally, this event (the last on in this second season) will have 5 guest moderators and presentations in five Iberian languages. The books presented in this session are:

  • Discursos, identidades y transgresión en la música popular española (1980-2010). El caso del glam rock y sus variantes.
    Autora: Sara Arenillas Meléndez
  • La cuestión vasca, dos miradas: Joseba Azkarraga y Javier Sádaba.
    Autora: María del Olmo Ibáñez
  • Els marges dels mapes: una geografia desplaçada.
    Autor: Àlex Matas Pons
  • Women Writing Portuguese Colonialism in Africa.
    Autora: Ana Paula Ferreira
  • Contemporary Galician Women Writers.
    Autora: Catherine Barbour

The event can be followed live on YouTube here: 

Since June 2020, Pleibéricos has hosted 11 monthly live events, launching 45 books in conversation with authors in Catalan, Galician, Portuguese and Spanish. Special events have included a PhD theses showcase and a round table with editors of special book series and journals on Iberian topics. The live events are broadcast on YouTube and then split into shorter videos and podcast episodes focused on individual books.

Pleibéricos was founded and is coordinated and moderated by Prof Santiago Fouz Hernández (Durham University) and Dr Esther Gimeno Ugalde (University of Vienna), with additional guest moderators in every event. 

For more information, including links to Pleibéricos’ social media pages and videos, please visit, or follow @Pleibéricos on Twitter, Instagram or any Podcast platform.