Edited by Antonio Sáez Delgado and Pablo Javier Pérez López. Introduction by Antonio Sáez Delgado; Translated by Pablo Javier Pérez López and Miguel Filipe Mochila. Lisboa: Abysmo, 2019.

This volume gathers for the first time the texts that Modernist writer Ramón Gómez de la Serna devoted to Portugal. Ramón fell in love with Portugal just as her aunt, Romantic poet Carolina Coronado, or Mariano José de Larra, alias ‘Fígaro’, an author he admired; or just as his own life partner, Carmen de Burgos, ‘Colombine’. Through the texts included in this volume, the reader gets to know the Portuguese experience of the author of the greguerías, and to peek into the life of Lisboa or Estoril through the lens of an outsider with a very particular point of view.