Over the past years, IStReS has continued collecting comparative references in the field of Iberian Studies. We are pleased to inform you that the database has now reached 2,000 references.

During these past three years we have had the support of different institutions (Centro de Estudos Comparatistas, ULisboa, 2017-20; Boston College, 2016-18 and TU Chemnitz, 2019-20), and collaborators, without whom our task would undoubtedly have been much slower and more difficult. This high number of publications also reflects the vitality of the field of Iberian Studies, which is certainly a reason for celebration.

The “Who is Who” section now offers the profiles of 57 scholars, including their areas of expertise, a short biographical note, links to sites with more information and a list of their publications included in the IStReS database.

We would like to stress that the IStReS database is especially designed for researchers in the field, and our goal is to make it a useful tool. In the following downloadable document, you will find a short user guide, as well as various graphs showing the most significant results based on the analysis of the 2,000 references included in the DB.

We would appreciate it very much if you could spread this news among colleagues who may not know about the tool but who might be interested in it. We also remind you that you can subscribe to receive news of IStReS, adding your email in the menu “Subscribe” that appears in the right column of any News item in the site (including this one).